Near Coding

Near Coding is a Nearshore Software Services provider located at San José, Costa Rica. We work as a Software Development Partner for our clients and we're specialized in the Microsoft universe of tool and technologies - although we have worked with many other proprietary and open-source technologies -, we provide our clients with a service oriented, cost-effective, reliable and well-timed experience.

Near Coding goes beyond the common software development approach, and offers a full Nearshore Software Services strategy in an Agile, Supervised, and Specialized environment. We believe in innovation and excellence, and aim to achieve the highest standards of quality and perfection in order to provide the best possible solutions to our clients.


What makes us different from the rest?

Why we consider ourselves the best Software Development provider you can find?

How can Near Coding help you achieve your goals?

Let us give you an idea of our principles and values and how they'll benefit your organization.


Effective Management

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The goal of most software development ideas is to produce a product that meets market and customer needs, on a schedule, responsive to the market, at an appropriate cost, and with appropriate quality. Attainment of that goal depends on how effectively the ideas and the resources needed are managed.

Agile development, in its simplest form, offers a lightweight framework for helping teams, given a constantly evolving functional and technical landscape, maintain a focus on the rapid delivery of business value. As a result of this focus, the benefits of Agile Software Development are that organizations are capable of significantly reducing the overall risk associated with Software Development.

Over the years, Near Coding's partners have proven this model of management with their increased client satisfaction rate. The value for businesses that use this model include:

Lower Cost

Enables clients to be happier with the end product by making improvements and involving clients with development decisions throughout the process.

Encourages open communication among team members, and clients.

Providing teams with a competitive advantage by catching defects and making changes throughout the development process, instead of at the end.

Speeds up time spent on evaluations since each evaluation is only on a small part of the whole project.

Ensures changes can be made quicker and throughout the development process by having consistent evaluations to assess the product with the expected outcomes requested.

It keeps each project transparent by having regular consistent meetings with the clients and systems that allow everyone involved to access the project data and progress.


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Near Coding has developed a portfolio in a wide array of technologies, platforms and stacks, being our main focus the Enterprise, Web, Desktop and Cloud development as our core expertise.

Near Coding believes in specialization and since our establishment back in 2011, Microsoft Technologies have become our main focus. We are a Microsoft Partner and we are part of the Microsoft Partner Network, demonstrating a specific, proven skill set to our customers.

If you are intending on building a specialized application or platform, finding a Software Development team that has years of experience and a successful track record will make your effort a much easier task. A specialized team will be able to cater to all your needs; provide detailed technological insights, new opportunities, innovation possibilities and future challenges, while delivering a product that meets, or exceeds, your initial requirements.

Human Development

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People are a critical Software Development issue, and the human dimension can be even more important than the technical. An important part of human resources management is assigning people to development roles. This process isn't just crucial for generating productive teams; it can also help software organizations develop systematic long-term competence. Despite the importance of identifying the right people for roles, little is known about doing this properly. Integrating managerial experience with a procedure for identifying the person best suited for each role can help improve human resources management and long-term career development. We've defined a human capability-based procedure to supplement managerial activities for supporting personnel development and human resources management.

On the other hand, software engineers must continuously learn and integrate, today's software engineers and development teams want more than a good salary and benefits. Yes, the standard perks will help to attract employees, but to retain valuable resources for the long haul, you'll want a work culture that offers intrinsic as well as extrinsic motivators.

Creating channels for constant communication, innovation, training, recognition, opportunities for growth, opportunities to innovate, flexible hours, an infrastructure that allows resources to be distribuited (when possible), empowerment, teamwork, and respect are some of the main areas that Near Coding develops daily within teams, providers, clients, stakeholders and anybody involved in delivering the highest client satisfaction.