Software Developers

How to Hire, Recruit and Retain Software Developers in your organization

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The process of finding and hiring the best Software professionals and creating an Agile team begins before the interview itself. A systematic approach to properly identifying potentially qualified candidates can streamline and increase the efficiency of the entire recruiting process significantly.

Software Development

Do you know what’s the difference between a Software, a Program and an Application?

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All these words are often used interchangeably, but there is a technical difference. Software – the programs and other operating information used by a computer. Software can be made up of more than one program. All-encompassing term that is often used in contrast to hardware (the tangible parts of a computer). Application – A program […]

Nearshore Software Services

What can a Nearshore Software Services Partner do for your organization?

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Nearshore, nearshoring, or nearshore outsourcing are some of the terms used to describe the practice of getting work done or services performed by people in neighboring or nearby territories rather than in your own country. In the particular case of the United States and Canada, it describes outsourcing to Latin America. These particular terms and […]