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How to Improve the Communication with Nearshore Software Development Teams

In the software development industry, outsourcing work has become a very common practice. According to a survey, the total work outsourced in the USA is 42 percent of the global outsource market which is higher than any other countries.

By outsourcing the work, companies are getting the quality services in their budget. That is the reason many organizations prefer to get their work done by a third-party nearshore software development company.

Unlike the offshore software companies which are located in the other part of the world where the time-zone difference is 10 to 12 hours, nearshore companies are good to work with, as they are located in a nearby country or proximity where the time difference is only 1 to 3 hours.

But working with a nearshore software development team is not as easy as handing over the project and checking with them occasionally to know when it will get delivered. The in-house team of the hiring company needs to have a smooth and frequent communication with the outsourced team to ensure they understand their project thoroughly. It will not only help the nearshore team work on the project according to their requirements but also deliver it on time with minimal rework.

To know how to improve the communication with your nearshore software development team, read out the 6 important tips given below-


  1. Discuss the project in detail

There is no doubt that the outsourced development teams have experienced employees with a good knowledge of development and capability to deliver high-quality work. But that doesn’t mean that they will understand your project just by having some documents and exchanging some mails.

They need you to play your role and describe the project in detail to give them a clear picture of it. They need you to explain to them the goal of the project, its target users, competitors, delivery time, possible obstacles, and other necessary things to have a clear idea of what they need to do in order to deliver the best version of it on time.

Sharing all the important information with them, will not only bridge the communication gap but also make them feel confident to work with you. The more you communicate, the clearer the picture of the project will get, increasing the odds of better outcomes.


  1. Use good tools to communicate

When you are working with your in-house teams, the communication is hardly a barrier as team members are sitting under the same roof. But the same goes opposite while working with distributed software development teams.

To communicate with your outsourced team, you must rely on technology. From making an audio call to sharing files and project details, everything can be done via software and tools. While some instant-messaging tools like slack, Skype, Google hangouts can help you get your queries answered within a few seconds, meeting software like MS Teams, Zoom can help you have smooth interaction.

Similarly, there are some good project management tools in the market like Jira, Trello, SwiftKanban that help remote teams work effectively and manage their project in a structured way.


  1. Use easy-to understand language

Your nearshore team members may not be native speakers of your language. Remember, they are working from 1 to 3 hours away from you so their language or accent may differ from yours. So, it’s always better to use a clear and simple language so that they can understand what you have communicated to them.

This way, they will understand your requirements clearly and can have their doubts cleared on the spot.


  1. Treat them as a team

Building trust among team members plays a vital role. It not only creates a healthy work environment but also improves their overall performance as a team. When you know your team members well and trust them, you communicate with them openly and hence there are less chances of any confusion or misunderstanding.

The same stands true for remote and outsourced teams. So, treat your nearshore partners as a team. Communicate with them openly, support them if they need your help, acknowledge their work. This will encourage them to work with you and give high-quality outcomes.

Before you begin your project, take some time to know your nearshore team and build a friendly relationship with them. Sometimes small things make big differences.


  1. Respect your nearshore partners

The successful completion of a project depends on how effectively the teams communicate with each other. Both the parties need to listen to and respect each other to get their work done effectively. At the end of the day, the goal of the hiring team and the outsourced team is the same – to complete the project successfully with a good experience.


  1. Refrain from Micromanagement

While it’s important to build friendly relationships and team spirit with your nearshore teams, it’s equally important to give them the freedom of work they need. If you try to micromanage their work for better clarity of what is being done at their end, it may lead to frustration and can create a negative impact.

They may feel annoyed at a point and may lose the enthusiasm to deliver their best work. So, give them their space, trust yourself that you have hired the best outsourced team. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have proper communication and transparency between you and your team, but it should be in a friendly and relaxed way.


  1. Meet your team members in person

No matter how many times you chat over Skype or make video calls, meeting your team members in person always has an advantage over remote communications. There might be some details of your project that can be discussed face to face effectively. Meeting them with a cup of coffee in the beauty of Costa Rica will surely make them feel close to you.


Global practices have proved that nearshore teams are beneficial if you have the right team for your project. You can save your efforts of hiring a team of professionals, training them, managing them before you start with your project. You can simply outsource your project and get it completed on time. The Software Development teams at Near Coding are always available to help our customers get a best nearshore team match for their unique project.


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