SST – SmartSearch Technology – .NET Application

Smart Search Technology (SST) is a Enterprise and a Web Dashboard Portal created for Arsenal Security Group, LLC, later bought by Protiviti Inc.

The Enterprise Application was a program designed to be installed in client computers using Windows XP and up to Windows 8, the program was a smart-client constantly scanning and constantly communicating with the cloud (initially Sales Force, which Near Coding personnel also handled), and later Sales Force feeding internal dashboard of Arsenal and of Arsenal’s clients, all of this using in-house search technologies that will look for insecure items, such as passwords, PIN numbers, BIN number, and such types of data that could be store, in order to make sure the equipment inside an organization could become PCI-Compliant. Arsenal Security Group as a company is specialized in certifying and consulting companies to become PCI-Compliant.

The Web Application was divided in two, a centralized dashboard for Arsenal to review the status of the clients that were running the SST Enterprise Application, the status of their subscriptions and so on. The second part was an implementation for separated types of clients depending on the subscription paid, and this subscription gave them more or less access to information that came from their scanned computers.

This projects where implemented with 3 Senior .NET Software Developer, a Security Consultant and a Project Manager, all of them provided by Near Coding. The SST Enterprise Application was created with an MVVM architecture, using C# and Telerik third-party apps. The SST Arsenal Dashboard was created using ASP.NET (migrated from classic ASP by Near Coding’s Personnel) and the SST Dashboard for each client was initially an ASP.NET Web Forms application but was later migrated to a ASP.NET MVC with AJAX Application.

The project has been managed with the SCRUM methodology, we provided the SCRUM Master and all the infrastructure for completing the project on time and with the planed budget.


  • C#
  • SQL Server 2010
  • Reporting Services (SSRS)