Nearshore Software Services

What can a Nearshore Software Services Partner do for your organization?

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Nearshore, nearshoring, or nearshore outsourcing are some of the terms used to describe the practice of getting work done or services performed by people in neighboring or nearby territories rather than in your own country. In the particular case of the United States and Canada, it describes outsourcing to Latin America. These particular terms and […]

.net vs java

What are the major differences between Java and .Net (2019)?

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Java and Microsoft .NET are two leading technologies intended for development of desktop and server-side applications. Both platforms enable the use of high-level programming languages to build large-scale applications. While both Java and .NET are often referred to as frameworks, only .NET is actually a framework in the strictest meaning of this word. In fact, […]

PMI vs Scrum

Classic Project Management Vs. Agile “Project Management”. Which methodology will work better for my organization?

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Both agile and classic management strategies incorporate the triple constraints, which are the scope, cost and schedule. However, methods of incorporating these three constraints differ from one strategy to the other. In classic project management scope and cost are mere estimates but schedule is always pre-determined. In agile project management the scope keeps on changing […]