Near Coding’s Software Engineers are experienced in a wide array of technologies in order to provide our customers with Enterprise, Web, Desktop, Cloud and Mobile solutions from any stage of the Software Development Life-Cycle. Our main goal is to be a specialized Nearshore Software Services provider that goes beyond an outsourcing environment by effectively partner with our clients.

The Costa Rican education provides talent in multiple technologies, tools and platforms; we don’t consider ourselves just engineers, but experts in all areas and facets of Computer Science as a discipline, and as real experts, at Near Coding we believe in constant training, by taking advantage of all the resources currently available.

Our main focus and skills belong to the Microsoft universe of Tools Technologies, our architects, technical leaders and developers sum decades of experience in the field designing and delivering IT solutions for Enterprise customers, their leadership and technical skills compare to those of their peers not just from Costa Rica but also from their partners in the U.S.

Near Coding is a Microsoft Partner and is part of the Microsoft Partner Network, Near Coding also belongs to the Google Developers Program, demonstrating a specific, proven skill set to our customers; we believe in continuous and supervised training, that’s why we constantly invest in certifications, training plans, webcasts, events, online classes, and activities in order to improve and keep our staff motivated and proactive.

Enterprise Technologies

As markets become more competitive, it is significant for organization's technology to give the right advantage to the right resources. Organizations face its fair share of challenges while deploying a productive and secure solution, managers and executives are faced with the complexity of the solution, lack of transparency and increasing costs and such challenges affect their performance. This is equally true in the case of their consumers too. Your business needs a reliable enterprise software solution to support your many operation, it needs to scale, coordinate other software and mobile apps, incorporate advance tech, and cover an extensive list of other objectives. Near Coding has the experience, tools, and technologies to create such demanding custom software.

Near Coding's Enterprise Software Development services focuses on delivering solutions that is the right fit for your needs. Our commitment to quality and on-time delivery has enabled us to work with enterprise clients for over 1 decade, enabling them to reach the top of the performance and efficiency.

We currently work with tools, technologies and platforms such as:

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> Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Foundation, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and Service.
> Microsoft SQL Server.
> Microsoft SharePoint
> Microsoft Dynamics
> Microsoft Active Directory
> Microsoft Office 365
> Microsoft Project
> Docker

Cloud Technologies

When it comes to Software Development with emphasis on the Cloud, our expertise includes:

> Microsoft Azure
> Microsoft SQL Azure
> Microsoft Azure StorSimple
> Azure Cosmo DB
> Azure SQL Data Warehouse
> Amazon Web Services (AWS)
> Oracle Cloud
> Google Cloud
> HDInsight

Web Development Technologies


Web Applications are dynamic web sites combined with server side programming which provide functionalities such as interacting with users, connecting to back-end databases, and generating results to browsers.

Examples of Web Applications are Online Banking, Social Networking, Online Reservations, eCommerce / Shopping Cart Applications, Interactive Games, Online Training, Online Polls, Blogs, Online Forums, Content Management Systems, and so on.

There are two main categories of coding, scripting and programming for creating Web Applications:

1. Client Side Scripting / Coding - Client Side Scripting is the type of code that is executed or interpreted by browsers.

Client Side Scripting is generally viewable by any visitor to a site (from the view menu click on "View Source" to view the source code).

Below are some Client Side technologies we use everyday at Near Coding:
HTML and HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language)
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
Sass and LESS (Cascading Style Sheet extensions)
Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
jQuery (JavaScript Framework Library - commonly used in Ajax development)
Angular (JavaScript Framework Library - commonly known as AngularJS)
React (JavaScript Framework Library - commonly known as ReactJS)
Redux (predictable state container for JavaScript apps)

2. Server Side Scripting / Coding - Server Side Scripting is the type of code that is executed or interpreted by the web server.

Server Side Scripting is not viewable or accessible by any visitor or general public.

Below are the common Server Side Scripting technologies:
ASP.NET (Microsoft's Web Application Framework - successor of ASP)
ASP (Microsoft Web Server (IIS) Scripting language)
ASP.NET Core (Microsoft's lean and composable framework for building web and cloud applications)
PHP (very common Server Side Scripting language - Linux / Unix based Open Source - free redistribution, usually combines with MySQL database)
ColdFusion (Adobe's Web Application Framework)
Ruby on Rails (Ruby programming's Web Application Framework - free redistribution)
Python (general purpose high-level programming language and Server Side Scripting language - free redistribution)

We have also used other platforms, frameworks and technologies such as:
WCF, WPF, CardSpace, WF, LINQ, ADO.NET, Parallel LINQ, Silverlight, AJAX, Mono, Windows Forms, among others.

Also, third-party proprietary software as:
DevExpress, Kendo UI by Telerik, Umbraco

Send us a message to to get to know more of the technologies we have used before and how we can apply our knowledge to your projects.

Desktop Technologies

Our knowledge includes but is not limited to:

> C#
> J#
> C/C++
> VB 6.0, VB.NET (Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic.NET)
> Java

And libraries as:

> Crystal Reports
> SQLite
> Python
> Xceed Toolkit Plus
> Scichart

Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

We go beyond simple testing, we rely on Software Quality Assurance experts. This type of professional has extensive experience in testing and putting under stress Software products from all their perspectives.

Our Testing skills and abilities include:

> Acceptance testing
> Black box testing
> Compatibility testing
> Conformance testing
> Functional testing
> Integration testing
> Load testing
> Performance testing
> Regression testing
> Smoke testing
> Stress testing
> Unit testing
> White box testing