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Top 5 Totally FREE ASP.NET Tutorials You’ll Find on the Web

Microsoft ASP.NET is a web development framework that’s used to build dynamic web pages, interactive web services, and robust data-driven web applications. It is a part of Microsoft .NET framework.

ASP.NET stands for Active Server Pages Network Enabled Technologies. In 2002, Microsoft released the first version of the ASP.NET framework. It was based on the CLR (Common Language Runtime), which enables developers to build ASP.NET applications in different .NET supported languages including C#, F#, and VB.NET.

The ASP.NET framework is based these key components:

  • CLR
  • Variety of languages
  • Standard class library

With the help of such components, it provides support for various programming models including ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, and SignalR.

Some common characteristics of ASP.NET framework are:

  • Code-behind mode
  • State management
  • Caching

Some key advantages of using ASP.NET framework are:

  • Minimized length of the code
  • Language-independent
  • Provides high level of performance
  • Widely used for enterprise-level web applications

In this article, we at Near Coding will show you the best free resources to learn the ASP.NET framework, so your skills as a Software Developer will always be sharp and up to date.


1.      Learn ASP.NET


This is Microsoft’s official website for all their tutorials and resources related to ASP.NET.

Here you can find classes and subjects such as:

  • NET Core for Beginners
  • Introduction to Razor Pages
  • Model-View-Controller workshops
  • NET Security essentials
  • How to Implement and Deploy a microservice to Azure

2.      Free ASP.NET Video Tutorial


Huge library of video tutorials for learning ASP.NET and ADO.NET

3.      MOSH – Coding made Simple


Complete ASP.NET MVC 5 Course.

When you enroll on this course you’ll get:

  • a structured path to mastery – 7.5 hours of fun and practical HD video tutorials
  • all the tips, tricks and strategies you need to code any kind of web app
  • get all the knowledge of a 500-page book in one easy-to-understand course
  • hands-on practice from the get-go – you’ll start building a real-life app right away

4.      Guru99


Guru99 provides free quality online education to all aspirants who want to learn programming languages and frameworks such as ASP.NET. This tutorial is designed for those who want to start their journey to ASP.NET. You can become a master in ASP.NET in not more than 3 days of using this tutorial. It offers free tutorials for any language or platform. You do not have to pay a single penny to study from this tutorial.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

  • Architecture
  • Application and page life cycle
  • First program

5.      Dot Net Tricks


Dot Net Tricks is an internationally recognized platform that provides real-time development training about ASP.NET. It has divided the entire course content according to skill levels. You can choose your skill level and get started with ASP.NET.

The experts behind this tutorial provide solutions and training related to other frameworks and platforms as well, including Microsoft technologies, JavaScript frameworks, big data Hadoop, mobile app development, cloud computing, and machine learning.

If you find more videos, books, tutorials and any other kind of resources, please let us know in the comments down below, or send us an email to to add those resources in our next article.

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