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Top Software Development Trends for 2019

The software development industry is right now going through tremendous growth and turmoil, making it very difficult to predict what future tendencies are going to be. What will be the trends that dominate 2019? Apps are now more popular than they’ve ever been, and it’s considered that now, that the software market has entered a mature phase, it’s important that applications really meet user’s needs. What we at Near Coding have analyzed as most probable, are trends such as, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain technology. Here are five trends we think will dominate 2019.


Cyber Security

Every company, big or small, that has a presence in the Internet market is in danger of becoming a victim of a cyber attack. This is a reality everyone is facing today, no matter if using a mobile device for personal or for corporate purposes. Studies show that more than fifty percent of medium size businesses have experienced cyber attacks during 2018. The tool most used in these attacks has been automated software. Besides mobile devices, most networks and computers (stationary and mobile) are vulnerable cyber attack targets. A software can face countless security problems, all the way from authentication issues, to insecure data storage and unforeseen data leakages. Because of this, it makes custom software development crucial, thus enabling developers to focus on making it  “cyber attack safe”.

In 2018, attacks on mobile devices increased 20% compared with the previous year. The world is facing a future where numerous software breaches will lead to the misuse of corporate and private information. Recent surveys show that the number of cyber attacks is increasing.  At the present moment 1 out of every 100 smartphones is infected with some form of malicious software. In this case, it is very understandable why in 2019 the focus will be cyber security.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Why more than 40% of software developers are considering including Artificial Intelligence in their apps in 2019? Some of the reasons maybe that AI is effective in automating multiple processes. Most business apps require AI features because it will make the running of tasks and processes like small and big data more efficient.

At present, we are interacting with intelligent digital assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The functions of these assistants are to offer people service and support. One thing is for sure, AI and the future guarantee us that robots and developing technology will have a huge impact on our everyday life.

At present, 4 out of 10 businesses are using AI to offer their client base an optimized customer service. They are using apps based on AI, guiding their buyers, supporting their workers and completing transactions.


Blockchain Technology

While some people think that blockchain technology isn’t a happening anymore. Well it doesn’t seem so, blockchain technology is very ingenious, allowing that digital information be distributed but not copied, it has enable the creation of a new type of internet. Blockchain technology has been on the market for a while, its popularity and use rose, due to bitcoin and other crypto currencies, allowing digital currency exchange. But its use goes farther than cryptocurrencies.

“The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.” – by Don & Alex Tapscott, authors Blockchain Revolution (2016)

Companies are using blockchain technology to develop software that will revolutionize the healthcare, finance and data storage industries. Companies such as, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon, are already developing new software with blockchain technology.


Low-code Development

Even though low-code development has been around for only a short time, this technology has been growing fast among development companies. It provides an easier and faster approach for the building and deploying of enterprise-grade applications.

Just recently, Siemens acquired the low-code development company Mendix for $730 million, a sure sign that low-code development will be a software development trend in 2019, that is already overtaking conventional development methods. It permits developers to develop software without much expertise in coding.


Progressive web apps

Progressive web apps, PWA, is considered one of the biggest trends that will hit 2019. Software developers from companies like Microsoft and Google, have already been including PWA features when designing mobile versions for their browsers. Big industries, that include healthcare, banking and e-commerce will be using software based on progressive web apps. These apps can be developed at very low cost, making it very understandable why numerous sectors will have no problems using them in the near future.

At Near Coding, our developers are located in a similar time zone as our clients. You won’t have to deal with any language barrier, and still have a cost effective solution.

Decide which trend and software development solution suits your necessities best and create the software that will definitely revolutionize your business.


Author: J.A. Ferrat



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