How to Hire, Recruit and Retain Software Developers in your organization

Software Developers

One of the fastest-growing industries in the world right now is the computing industry, and software developers have played a major role in this growth. If your organization has seasonal projects or day to day operations that involve developing software, you will have to hire software developers to help you take care of that kind of work.


The major challenge that organizations face while looking for software developers is choosing the right people to hire and also ensuring that these people stay around for as long as they need them. If you have ever tried to hire a software developer, you know how hard it is to land on the right one more so, if you don’t know about the hiring and recruitment procedure that I am about to share.


First, I am going to share with your tips/strategies that you can use while hiring and then also share with you those you can use to ensure the people you have hired stick with you for as long as you need them.

Hiring criteria


Tips/strategies for hiring and recruiting software developers


Hiring and recruitment are a bit different, but they both involve bringing new workers into your organization. So, the strategies I am going to share below can work for both recruiting and hiring. Let’s dive in.


  1. Give the candidates a test related to a problem you have faced in the past.

One of the mistakes that hiring teams make is using general problems to test their candidates for a software development job. However, if you need to get someone who can add value to your organization, it is always best to test them using some of the most common challenges that you have faced. If they can solve such challenges, then it is most likely that they are well prepared to deal with future challenges too.


  1. Don’t test them with only specific programming languages

In this era where technology is always evolving, new programming languages are being created to deal with different challenges. Hiring a developer because they know how to program in a certain language is not enough if you need someone to work for you in the long term. It is best to test their problem-solving skills and how well they understand general programming algorithms.


A programmer who understands algorithms and with relatively good problem-solving skills can easily adjust to any programming language in case the need arises. So, while conducting an interview, those are the two things you need to focus on.


  1. Look for a team player.

Developing software is always done in teams, and people who are not good at working with teams could become a headache to the whole organization. So, while evaluating the people you want to add to your team, make sure you get those that have experience in working with teams. Try to get deeper insights into how they were able to contribute to the previous teams they worked with and how well they communicated especially during tough times.


  1. Let the person know what you expect of them at the job.

During the hiring process, all the interviewees need to know the responsibility they will be having at the job/project you want them to undertake. It is easier to motivate someone who already knows what they are expected of. You can also easily assess someone when there are parameters regarding what they are supposed to be doing daily.


So, make sure the job description is well articulated and covers all aspects of what they are supposed to do on a day to day basis. However, you don’t have to make the job description rigid.


Developers motivated


Tips for retaining software developers


  1. Offer them opportunities to learn new skills.

Most of the developers want to be in a place that constantly helps them to learn new skills. So, as an employer, you need to facilitate your developers to undertake training in not only software development but also other skills that will make them better.


  1. Reward their hard work

Software development is no easy job and rewarding those who wake up every day to work on your software projects is something you need to take seriously. You need to give your developers incentives that are beyond their salaries. This will make them feel valued by your organization.


  1. Learn from those who have left

If you have had some developers that previously left your organization, you need to do a proper assessment of why they left and try to address those issues with your current team. When people choose to leave your organization, it is always best to let them go, but the most important thing is knowing why they have left.


  1. Share with them your vision

Whether it is a project or a long-term employment opportunity, it is always best to share with your team what your end goal is. A team that knows where the organization is heading tends to stick around much longer than one that’s not aware of the direction the organization is taking.


  1. Avail them the resources they need to do their job.

When developers don’t have tools to help them accomplish their day to day tasks, they will find even the simplest tasks challenging, which in the end demotivates them. And remember, if your team is not motivated, it will be hard to retain them for long.


Final thoughts

Recruitment, hiring, and retaining software developers is something that most employers find challenging. However, if you can carefully follow the above procedures, this process will be a little easier for you than for someone clueless about how to get started. One other thing that we may not have mentioned above is focusing more on culture while hiring.


If you bring onboard developers that have the culture of your organization, it will be easier for them to deal with their workmates and also learn new skills whenever the need arises. So, don’t only focus on technical skills but also other things like culture and communication skills.

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