Overview of our main Nearshore Software Services

Dedicated Nearshore Development

Custom Offshore software development is our core competency. Take advantage of the unique blended nearshore delivery model that Near Coding enables for its clients and maximize the return of your IT investment.

By partnering with Near Coding, our customers are able to hire and manage their own technical unit in order to reduce operating costs but maintain high quality delivery. We are known because of our supervised development environment, we have specialized architects and project managers working hard to attain the highest standards on every aspect of the software engineering process.

We offer our customers top talented and highly technical staff in Costa Rica, experienced project managers, software architects, QAs, Business Analysts and other profiles based on your specific requirements. We are used to facilitate our clients the hiring process to find, evaluate a recruit the team that will work exclusively for them, while we provide them with the infrastructure, communication tools and strong project management techniques to ensure that you get the most out of your team.

Custom Software Development

Outsourcing is a distinct operational activity in IT services including custom software development. Many companies nowadays prefer to go for outsourcing custom software development as it not only saves time but also money. If you are looking for a custom software development company which carries healthy technical and analytical experience then Near Coding is there for you.

Near Coding's services includes full business process analysis for creation of software, we will work directly with your internal team to create requirements, design the solution and then develop and deploy the application.

Near Coding will always assign a Project Manager and an Architech for each development/Testing project even thought there is a Project Manager assigned from the client side. The coordination approach that the team will use to interact with the team in the U.S. is defined during the engagement process.

For more information on Custom software Development and Custom software development service please call us to:
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Architecture, Analysis and Design

Design has been described as a multistep process in which representations of data and program structure, interface characteristics, and procedural detail are synthesized from information requirements.

Over a decade of development taught us at Near Coding that design is information driven. Software design methods are derived from consideration of each of the three domains of the analysis model. The data, functional, and behavioral domains serve as a guide for the creation of the software design.

At Near Coding we know that competition is tougher every day. The world today requires increasingly complex solutions, often spanning organizational and geographic limits. Businesses must make the most of emerging business opportunities by rapidly adopting new technology, including Web-based solutions as they are launched to the market or even before that takes place.

So, how do we keep updated with the latest trends in software? Easy: constant training. At Near Coding we believe in daily improvement, constant challenges and periodical training; our architects are constantly receiving courses on the latest technologies, our library is always growing and our knowledge is our most valued asset.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services

It doesn't matter what we do, everything must go toward a single goal: to produce high-quality software.

The problem of quality management is not what people don't know about it. The problem is what they think they do know. Some software developers, project managers and even companies continue to believe that software quality is something you begin to worry about after code has been generated. Nothing could be further from the truth! Software quality assurance (SQA) is an umbrella activity that is applied throughout the software process.

That's why at Near Coding, everyone is involve and responsible for the quality, every piece of code, every process is supervised by our architects and fully tested by our Quality Assurance team. Although, if you are in need of a dedicated Software Quality Assurance team or professional, we can help you finding, testing and hiring the right candidate for you, our main goal is to assist you in achieving a high-quality end product.

Highly-Effective Agile Teams


In this age of digital transformation, every organization is working to build teams that produce predictable outcomes and deliver software that meets user demands and timelines. Following agile methodologies and practices has become the norm for such teams to meet these business requirements. Every business stakeholder expects their teams to exhibit high performance and frequently release working software to production.

Agile visionaries believed that teamwork is essential to delivering great software and that great agile teams embody "we" rather than “I." Nothing is more rewarding than sharing the adventure of building something that truly matters with engaged teammates.

To assess, train, coach, recruit and implement Highly-Effective Agile Software Development Teams is our core strength. Excellence is achieve through discipline and we are here to help you become EXCELLENT.

Application Maintenance

The maintenance of existing software can account for over 60 percent of all effort expended by a development organization, and the percentage continues to rise as more software is produced.

Much of the software we depend on today is on average 10 to 15 years old. Even when these programs were created using the best design and coding techniques known at the time [and most were not], they were created when program size and storage space were principle concerns. They were then migrated to new platforms, adjusted for changes in machine and operating system technology and enhanced to meet new user needs—all without enough regard to overall architecture. The result is the poorly designed structures, poor coding, poor logic, and poor documentation of the software systems we are now called on to keep running.

We at Near Coding are experts adapting existing systems to changes in their external environment, making enhancements requested by users, and re-engineering an application for future use. So many years in the industry led us to attain big quantities of knowledge that may help our customers in different technologies and different platforms.